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This blog features art projects for children. These projects have been used in my classes. My lessons allow children to learn about all the elements and principles of art while striving to introduce them to many genres of art.

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." - Albert Einstein

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Colorful Landforms

This was a lesson we did the day before Thanksgiving break.  I chose a lesson I have done many times before as I knew it could be done without a lot of prep work. I also knew it was a lesson the children would enjoy.  We began by talking about landforms and how we could differentiate between foreground and  background as well as the other shapes on our 2D picture plane. We discussed the horizon and decided that we would use cool colors for the ground and warm colors in the sky.   After the horizon line was determined we broke up the land forms by breaking it up into more then one shape to create a feeling of dimension.  Our next challenge was to decided how we could make one shape stand out from the other.  The decision was made to fill in each new space with lines drawn in different directions.  Horizontal, diagonal and vertical lines were all vocabulary words we reviewed.  The students drew first with pencil on a piece of  9" X 6" drawing paper, the designs were colored in with markers.


  1. My first graders loved this project!!!! They used the warm and cool colors to great effect and now also know about horizons! It was a fun, educational lesson. Good post!

  2. Great lesson for learning different lines. Plus, using warm and cool colors.
    I have children of many ages and levels at a Boys & Girls Club. This will give all some fun while learning.


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