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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Portrait of a President

These were really fun to do.  First of all first graders are hard pressed to recognize a portrait of George Washington.  Throw in a ruffled shirt made from paper doilies, cotton balls for hair and things can get really wild.
I have done this lesson once before and it was a huge hit with students and faculty alike.  No one could help but smile at the unique expressions on the faces of George Washington which were now gracing the hallways.
Late last night as I made my final preparations for the next day I realized that my portrait of Washington was no where to be found in my files.  AKA the basement.   Luckily at 8 o'clock the party store was still open and there in the back of the store was a gallery of past presidents.  OK so really it was only Abe Lincoln and George Washington.  And for $1.99 I had what I needed to teach my young artists how to draw a portrait and practice their shading and highlighting skills.
So here you have it.  A patriotic tribute for Presidents Week

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