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This blog features art projects for children. These projects have been used in my classes. My lessons allow children to learn about all the elements and principles of art while striving to introduce them to many genres of art.

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." - Albert Einstein

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Out like a Lamb, well not quite!

So yes, I do teach quite a few very young people.  Some as young as three years old, wow!  It is very challenging at times.  We drew these little Spring lambs since tomorrow is April  1st, AKA April fools day!  Boy are we going to be fooled by a snowstorm.  At this point we shouldn't be surprised if we see snow in July!  Well at least for a little while we drew pictures about Spring and all the things we might see.  We started this lesson by reviewing the meaning of texture.  We used white chalk on its side and rubbed it into a circular shape on our background paper to make a fuzzy shape.  Next we repeated the procedure for the face but this time we made the shape a little smaller.  We talked about the legs for our lamb and drew four of them .  Ears and a tail were done last and then we were on to drawing the facial features with black crayon.  Our last step before moving onto the background was to outline the lambs with a black curly continuous line.  Construction paper crayons were used to add all other details.  Oh how I wish Spring would come!

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  1. I love the lambs! Such personality in the curly black lines.


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