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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Masks by Grade 4

These masks were inspired by Native American totem poles.  We started these way back in November and here it is March and they are finally finished.  This was one of those projects that had a hard time reaching the finish line so to speak.  Initially they weren't too exciting to look at leaving me feeling rather disappointed.  We began the process by drawing facial features of animals we might see on a totem pole.  We observed the interesting shapes and tried to imitate them. We drew on 9" x 12" brown butcher paper using white chalk we then colored in the shapes with oil pastels.  The chalk was left uncolored.  You'll see why soon.  The next step was to crumple up the paper to give it a rugged texture.  India ink was then brushed over the paper and then rinsed off under running water. The ink soaked into the white chalk and cracks in the paper and was repelled by the oil pastels.  This is when I decided this project needed to be put away and revisited on a better day.  What happened with the ink wasn't quite what I had hoped for and I wasn't sure how to save all the hard work the children had done.  We moved on and we forgot about this project until one day that nagging feeling to rescue this art work stirred in me again.  The solution to really make the masks pop was really quite simple.  But as we all know over thinking can be dangerous!  So one cold winter's day I took out a selective palette of oil pastels, mostly white and black for contrast with the exception of a few accent colors.  It seemed to do the trick and finally our project was complete.  Here are the results.

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