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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pennsylvania Dutch Tulips Grade 5

Here in the Northeast where I live the Tulip festival is a yearly event/tradition.  Tulip festival is always celebrated around Mother's day when the tulips are in full bloom.  Well hopefully they're in full bloom.  We talked a lot about tradition and heritage and everyone tried to share a little bit about their own heritage.  The Dutch settled all along the Hudson River Valley and  their influence is strongly felt in our area.  On that note we settled down to draw and create our own stylized Dutch tulips.  We drew the tulips then outlined them with Sharpie markers.  Colored markers were used for coloring in.


  1. Beautiful art work.
    I love the colors, lines and patterns.

  2. Hi! I teach first graders and we are actually learning about the Dutch in connection to the Lenape Indians and how they encountered one another on Manhattan 400 years ago. We are focusing on soley the Dutch for now and they are very interested in the tulip trade! We want to design our own tulips as an art project. Your students' are fantastic and I was wondering how you taught the process of drawing, designing, and coloring them. Thanks!!


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