Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A fun Sculpture project by Middle School students.

We began this lesson by watching a video about the artist Joan Miro it is a wonderful video that you can find on YouTube  Afterwards we discussed surface design and looked at many images of various art forms to inspire and ignite our imaginations.  I think it worked.  No two sculpture projects were alike.  The technique we used was to bend a wire coat hanger into an interesting form then cover it with a nylon stocking which is coated with latex house paint mixed with glue.  It actually gives the surface a canvas type feel which is easy to paint on.  Some students opted to not cover their hanger with a nylon stocking and instead wrapped the hanger with cotton batting which was later wrapped in plaster gauze. The creative process took on different meaning for each of them.  I learned that some students are risk takers and became very adventurous on their creative journey.  Others just loved playing with color.  One made his to serve a cause. And of course there is the "cat" lover of the group, hers amazed me.  Enjoy the work of these talented young artists.


  1. I like the twist of using cotton batting and plaster gauze!

  2. Love your site. I just blogged about it on Thanks for sharing all the wonderful projects.

  3. Thank you Deb. What a nice compliment. Isn't it amazing how far reaching blogging can be and how fortunate we are to share ideas and encourage each other.

  4. This is such a great sculpture project. I have done the nylon stocking one before, but the free-form wire/plaster one is something I need to try! Thanks for sharing!

  5. How do you mount the wire hanger on its base? Is it wood?

  6. Yes it is a wood base. I drilled a small hole in the wooden base then used hot glue to adhere the straightened out hook of the hanger into the wood.
    Thanks for asking.

  7. Love the risk takers!
    When you show the video, how do you explain the small part where they are smoking? Not sure why that is in the video.

    1. The best way to explain that small portion regarding the smoking is to use it as a learning experience on the dangers of smoking etc. I hope that helps. Thank you for checking out my blog and enjoying this sculpture project.


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