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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not your typical Contour drawing

Although this lesson began as a study in Contour drawing the end results were at times abstract, always unique and I liked it that way!
The students began by scoping the classroom for interesting objects to draw.   They chose tape dispensers, a drawing mannequin, a chain used to lock up the art cabinets, sneakers straight off their feet and of course there were markers and crayons as well.
To ensure that the students did not peek at their papers while practicing their contour drawings I had the students poke their pencils through a paper plate and hold the pencil underneath the plate. It was a great technique which also helped them to slow down so that their eyes could catch up with their hands.  The goal was to train the eye and hand to work as a team.
Once the students were pleased with their drawing they were each given a sheet of tracing paper to re draw the object onto.   The object was then traced four times in a rotating fashion on another square sheet of drawing paper.
The last step was to use markers to decorate their new design, patterns were encouraged as well as some solid restful areas of color.

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