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This blog features art projects for children. These projects have been used in my classes. My lessons allow children to learn about all the elements and principles of art while striving to introduce them to many genres of art.

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." - Albert Einstein

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cakes Wayne Thiebaud style!

           Grade 4 began this lesson around Valentine's day.  It seemed like perfect timing to introduce Wayne Thiebaud.  The students had no trouble remembering his name coming on the heels of football season and Tim Tebow's amazing season for the Bronco's!  Whatever works!   The popular Food Channel shows such as "Cupcake Wars" and "The Ace of Cakes" also helped to motivate the students.  It was a lot of fun designing their very own cake.  The pedestals's were designed by folding a sheet of construction paper in half  to create a symmetrical design when opened.  
A little bit of perspective drawing was introduced while drawing the cake with a slice removed.  
The concepts of highlighting and shading were also introduced.  This is skill which requires a lot of practice so I was fairly pleased with the results.  I find students struggle with oil 
pastels, it takes a lot of practice to fully realize the potential of this wonderful medium.   
All of the cakes were put on display.  The students gathered around them with big smiles on their faces as they checked out all the delicious masterpieces!


  1. The cakes look yummy. I'm with you about oil pastels. Lots of bloggers seem to use them a lot, but I find them a little frustrating sometimes.

    By the way - I was a HUGE fan of Ace of Cakes. But it's not on any more, is it? I just loved the hippie-dippy personalities working at the bakery. And such talent!!

  2. Hi Phyl good to hear from you. I'm not sure about the Ace of Cakes, the kids seem to know more about it then me! It does make the kids take notice though and that's a good thing as to the importance of art! Enjoy your week off. I assume up north you have the week off also?

  3. I've done Thiebaud before (how can sweets NOT grab kids' attention?) but never thought to do a simple symmetrical cutting for the pedestals! We always just draw them, but will have to try this out next time!


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