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Friday, March 9, 2012

Learning about Lichtenstein

"Zip" "Zap" "Zoom"

My Middle School students were recently introduced to the work of the famous Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and his hallmark "Ben Day" dots.  The students were also studying Onomatopoeia in their Language Arts class.  An Onomatopoeia is a word that imitates the word it is describing.
A lot of what "Pop" art is was discussed in this lesson along with a presentation of various works by Roy Lichtenstein.
The students were then asked to choose and image for their work.  Although the pieces are similar they all arrived at the final result in a unique way which is so characteristic of my students.  If you look closely at some of the Ben Day dots you will notice the variations.  Hole punchers were a valuable tool for this lesson. We created a stencil by punching holes in scrap paper.  We did learn that painting over the punched holes was not effective and actually created some pretty blurry images.  Coloring in the dots with a pointed tool such as a Sharpie or cotton swab worked the best.  The background papers were intended to create some tension in the piece so complimentary colors were encouraged.  We also tried to incorporate the bold use of black lines which were so characteristic of Roy Lichtenstein's work.  Food was a pretty common theme with the students, not surprising for Middle School students.  Sports and fashion came in second.  All in all the results were dynamic and the use of mixed mediums was very effective and challenging.


  1. These are fantastic! I love the boldness of both composition and colour- thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for the nice comment. I was very pleased with my students creativity!

  3. What a great interpretation of the artist work.

    Your students did a fantastic job.
    Click clack is my favorite.

  4. Click Clack is my favorite too. Thank you for your awesome comment.


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