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"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." - Albert Einstein

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Signs of Spring, painted Hyacinth by Primary students

Here in upstate New York one of the first harbingers of Spring is the Grape Hyacinth!  It is so tiny and beautiful that if you don't look closely enough you will miss it.  This week in art class I introduced my littlest artists to this sweet little flower and the color purple!  We used our fingers as our painting tool to swirl and mix all different shades of purple.  We talked about the cool color palette and all the variations we could achieve by mixing turquoise or white into our purple paint.  We went on to explore the meaning of form vs. shape.  One of the first samples of art work you will see here is by a little girl named Sophia.  Sophia is the middle child in a family of three little girls all under the age of 5!  Needless to say Sophia knows how to make her presence known.  She is a happy and busy little soul with a spirit that is hard to anchor.  On this day I had the opportunity to sit one on one with her and enjoy a painting lesson.  If you've never believed that a child's personality doesn't come through in their art work this piece may convince you!

Meet Aidan!  Aidan is also three years old.  He couldn't be any cuter with his little round face topped with a head of beautiful blond hair.  The only thing that might be cuter is his twin brother!  Aidan for the most part never seems entirely interested in art lessons.  He's full of energy and at the age of three sitting down for any type of structured lesson doesn't seem to be his cup of tea.  I'm usually happy if I can keep his attention during our circle time so that he isn't disrupting the rest of the children.  He will most times make a modest attempt at the lesson then he is off to explore and count down the minutes until recess which happens right after art class.  The motion in Aidan's art work is undeniable and beautiful. 
 Next I'd like to introduce Gwen.  Gwen loves art, she is a very serious and confident little soul. I can tell that she really enjoyed mixing colors!  Gwen is always one of the first to want to sit down and do the lesson.  She pays close attention during circle time and hangs onto every word that is being said.  She loves sharing her knowledge about all she has learned when it comes to anything art related!
Lastly meet Jack!  Jack and I usually arrive at school bright and early.  I can count on him to give me a smile as bright and as big as the sun.  He warms my heart and his art work on this day did the same.  
Aidan's flower bursting with movement.
Beautiful colors by Gwen.
Jack's painting is as cheerful as he is.

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