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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cardinals on a snowy day Grade 6

I have always loved doing this lesson!  Here in the northeast the sight of a Cardinal in winter is beautiful against a snowy backdrop.
My sixth grade students this year did a wonderful job which didn't disappoint.
We began by using colored chalk as a soft rubbing on a background of light blue construction paper.  Next we sponge painted around the edge of the paper with white paint. As this was drying we looked at photographs of Cardinals and began drawing them on red construction paper.  Once all the details were added we cut them out and placed them on the background. Branches were drawn using oil pastels which were then covered with pine needles and snow!
The results I think you will agree are stunning.
Stay warm this winter everyone!


  1. Hi Janis

    These are really nice! I love the idea of drawing on red paper and then collaging onto the background. I just discovered your blog via your comment on Deep Space Sparkle - so glad I did!

    Rina at www.k6art.com

  2. Thank you Rina for the nice comment. I hope you will find many useful ideas here!


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