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Friday, December 7, 2012

Textured Pine Trees

This was a great little lesson that all of the children in my lower elementary and primary classes enjoyed and were successful at.  I decided to pull out my plastic texture plates which usually lie in the art cabinet collecting dust.  Now I realize I should really plan more lessons around them as the children really enjoyed using them.  It's one of those techniques which offers the element of surprise!
We began by using inexpensive copy paper for the rubbing.  The children were instructed to place the texture plate under the paper and rub away with green oil pastel as hard as they could.  There were several different patterned plates to choose from so each child used three or four different plates on their paper.
Once the paper was completely covered the students turned the paper over so they could draw triangles of various sizes and shapes to represent the pine trees.  The triangles were cut out and attention was drawn to the composition of the triangles on their background paper.  At this point we spoke about placing some triangles near, some far, some close together and so on to create an interesting composition. Once the triangles were glued down it was time to add details. Black crayons were used to draw the trunks on the trees and snow falling in the sky.  The addition of a horizon line was also drawn.  The children were very creative in adding additional details such as snowmen, animals and houses.  
This was a very relaxing lesson during a time of year which is very busy at school and at home.

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