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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Louise Nevelson Middle School Sculpture

It's been a while since I've posted.  Wow, the holidays were great but recovery has been slow!  I hope you all enjoyed the pleasure of home and family as I did.
In early December I did this Louise Nevelson project with my middle school students.  I have to say it took a lot of prep although the results were quite nice.  It had its challenges along the way.  For one thing getting students to hunt for interesting recyclable items around their homes was like pulling teeth!  Why is it students do not take art homework assignments seriously!  If you're wondering what we used as a base for the sculptures it was a ceiling tile which is about 12" x 12' square.  They were fairly inexpensive at around $1.00 each.  The students used tacky glue, generously, to adhere their objects to the tiles.  The weather was still nice enough for us to go outside and spray paint them. I limited the color choices to black, white and metallic which was the favorite.  Although they were hard to photograph I think you will get a good idea of how they turned out.

Arranging the found objects

How the sculpture looked before being spray painted

The final results


  1. Thanks Phyl, makes me glad I finally got around to posting them!

  2. I certainly empathize with trying to get students to bring in found objects. I am always bringing in junk from my own house just so the stragglers have something to work with. The spray-painted project looks really great.


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