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Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Mondrian Heart by Grades 1 & 2

Fun with lines and so easy to create, is my best description of this lesson which reinforces the use of vertical and horizontal lines.  During week one the students were given black Tempera cakes and a sheet of 12" x 18" white drawing paper.  Attention was given to the placement of the black lines in order to create a pleasing composition of  squares and rectangles of different sizes. During this step some of the spaces were painted with the black paint as it was not taken out during week two.
Before any painting began during week two a lesson on drawing a heart shape was introduced.  The students  drew their heart shapes on the back of their paper so as not to be distracted by the black painted lines.  We folded the paper in half and put a light crease in it so we would know where the middle of the paper was. We then proceeded to place a dot with a pencil about a third of the way down from the top on the creased line.  From there we drew two mountain/rainbow lines beginning each time at the dot on the center crease.  Another dot was placed near the bottom of the paper and the students drew a straight line down to this point from the bottom outside edge of the mountain/rainbow line.
 Scissors were taken out and the hearts were cut out.  The students saved their scraps because much to my surprise they were really excited to cut out more heart shapes from their scraps.
The remainder of the class time was used to paint their heart shape with primary colors, students could also choose to leave some spaces white.
This was really a nice lesson for the students as well as a great way to reinforce horizontal and vertical lines.
Lastly I wish I could say I came up with this wonderful idea.  As hard as I tried to retrieve the idea from my Pinterest board and my blog log I was unable to locate it.  I hope someone recognizes this post and sends me a message so I might give them due credit!


  1. Nice. I especially love that you taught the kids an easy way to make their own hearts rather than just giving them heart tracers. These look adorable!

  2. Thank you Phyl! They were fun to make.

  3. These are great. Love your site! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful projects!


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