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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Keith Haring 3-D cubes

My middle school students created these three dimensional paper cubes in the style of Keith Haring.  The lesson began by watching a presentation of the life and works of the artist.  The students returned to their seats with a brown paper lunch bag.  The bag contained a few images which I had printed out and laminated for the students.  A questionnaire was also included which asked the students to write down on a separate sheet of paper a list of their likes, hobbies, family members and any other pertinent information about themselves.  A pattern of the cube had been copied onto a sheet of 12" x 18" white drawing paper.  When the students were ready they began to draw Haring type figures on each of the individual sides of the cube.  When the drawing was completed the students colored in their images with markers and outlined the images with Sharpies.  
To complete the assignment the students were asked to draw an enlarged figure of their choice onto 9" x 12" construction paper and then cut it out. I generally have my students write a brief artist statement giving the viewer an insight into their thought process or feelings towards their work.

These are a few of the cubes that I stacked up before I hung them from the ceiling.

This student's mom is about to give birth to her fifth child.  This image depicts the four siblings surrounding the unborn child!

Here they are suspended from the ceiling.

Part of the display consisted of a few Keith Haring images along with the students artist statements.

Lastly I must admit I had trouble photographing these pieces as they hung from the ceiling.  The photos don't do them justice but I think you will be able to enjoy them just the same.


  1. Wow...two things! I LOVE that you did a cube shape! I've only really ever seen the cube done with op art...go figure! But really, you could use a cube for any type of art!

    And two, I'm jealous that you get to hang things from the ceiling! The custodians in my school are super against doing that...and painting ceiling tiles.

  2. Thank you:) Two things back at you, I'm impressed at how quickly you commented on this post which is hot off the so called press!
    Secondly I've always thought about doing these cubes using Op art. Oh dear are we ever really happy with ourselves:) Thanks so much for the comments I'll tell our custodians that I appreciate their tolerance of my wonderful art work hanging from the ceiling!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you the kids worked really hard on these and I am proud of them!

  4. great use of the cube! did you laminate them?

    1. Yes I should have mentioned that I did laminate them. Thanks for asking.


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