Thursday, March 7, 2013

March Lions

These fanciful lions were created during a late winter snow storm here in the northeast!
March certainly is coming in like a lion in these parts.  
We began this lesson with a short drawing lesson reinforcing line, shape and texture.
Afterwards we used liquid watercolors in yellow, orange and brown to paint the lions.
Lastly the students were given two strips of green construction paper and construction paper crayons.  Leaves were drawn on the strips and then colored in with the crayons.  
Lastly a zigzag line was drawn vertically on the strips of paper and then cut out and glued along the border of the painting.
The resulting images were full of character, charm and an added sense of dimension created by the border design.

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  1. Wow its fabulous.I love it.I thanks for the effort who had made this fantastic artwork.



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