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Friday, May 10, 2013

Delft pottery. A nod to the Dutch

In upstate New York there is a strong connection to Dutch culture and traditions.  This was one of many lessons my students took part in.  This weekend is the annual tulip festival celebrating those traditions.
We used paper plates to depict scenes relevant to Holland such as tulips, windmills and seascapes.  A variety of shades of blue markers were set out for coloring these iconic images. Patterning was used on the outer rim of the plate to represent the variety of edge designs found on this beautiful pottery.
We also discussed how the tin glaze method used on the pottery made it very affordable for the common man as opposed to the more expensive porcelain pottery.  We discussed similar designs found on dutch wooden shoes and tiles.  Our plates turned out beautiful and are on display for the children's families to enjoy  at the our Special persons day event.


  1. These are so sweet! Very effective using the markers on paper plates. I visited the town of Delft when I was in the Netherlands- very cute place and I'm a huge fan of their pottery.

  2. These are really so pretty.Painting o these paper plates is really very amazing.

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