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Monday, October 6, 2014

Miro Monsters - Grades 1, 2 and 3

It is close to Halloween and so I thought it would be fun to introduce my young artists to the Spanish abstract artist Joan Miro.  
We looked at several of his images and discussed the bright colors, bold black lines and shapes before we set off to work.
We began by cutting circle and oval stencil shapes from paper.  We used the negative shape and drew around the edge with colored chalk.  The stencil was placed on the white background paper and the chalk was rubbed in the negative space.  I love the soft look of the chalk on the paper.
Next black ink was passed out and the students were to pretend they were dancing across their paper to create rhythmic lines that swirled and moved across the picture plane. 
 Samples of Miro's lines were on display for the students to reference as well .  But mostly I wanted the students to feel the carefree motion of their paint brush in their hands.  I pointed out that it was a good idea to hold the end of their paint brush as they painted to achieve a carefree line.
The following week we again observed some of Miro's paintings and talked about abstract art.  The children commented on images they saw in his work.  The conversation became quite lively and engaging.
Scrap boxes, scissors and glue were set out and the students examined their work to see if they could find an image to build upon.  We discussed Halloween briefly and thought it would be fun to create our very own monsters from our work.  Colorful cut out shapes were added for bodies and black crayon was used to add any detail needed for facial features, hair, legs and the like.
The students felt happy and satisfied with their creations and I was also pleased with the many concepts and techniques they had learned in this art history lesson.

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