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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Landscape paintings inspired by Grant Woods

This was a fun lesson that I did with a group of nearly four and five year old students.  I shared some photographs of landscape paintings by the American artist Grant Woods.
We talked about creating a gently curved line to represent a rolling hill like the ones we saw in the paintings.  I instructed the students to begin at one side of the paper and draw an imaginary line across the paper to the other side of the paper.  Once the students were comfortable with their imaginary line they could pick up their black crayon and draw a real line.  Next we put our finger on the newly created line somewhere close to the center but not at the far edge of the line.  We then repeated drawing another curved line to represent our next hill.  This step was once again repeated.  The students drew the sun either rising, setting or shining bright in the sky.
Tempra cakes were used to paint.  We tend to always start with yellow as it gets dirty so quickly.  From there the students mixed shades of green directly on their papers.
The results were awesome and the students felt satisfied and happy.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Been teaching art exploration to 4 to 10 year Olds. I really like the results you achieved. Will try to introduce them to master artists.


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